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Event Submission

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At Ruby City, we have a history of excellent event/plot suggestions from our player base. We definitely want this to continue -- both in suggestions for plots you'd like to see the moderators run, and more canon-specific events that you-the-player would like to take more of an in-charge role with.

We're always open for input and suggestions, so please don't be shy.

This post is for submissions of both event ideas/general suggestions as well as full event proposals. For these full more canon/character-centric events, please include a general description, an outline of the key points, an overall timeline and any major occurrences within the event that will need to take place for it to resolve. Please also include any assistance that you believe you might need from the mods or the NPCs.

Comments are screened -- so that all the fun details of events aren't spoiled for anyone who stumbles on the page, and so no one has to feel shy about making any suggestion.

If you want to put in an event for us, please fill in the below form.

Player Name:
Characters Played:

Is your plot inspired by a specific canon? If so, which one?:
Duration of event: Remember: events longer than 7-10 days can get more difficult to manage! However, this is up to your discretion, we are happy to host longer events.
Description of plot: Include effects on the city, effects on NPCs, effects on player characters, and effects on game mechanics. Does the event progress in stages every few days? What is the "endgame" of the event? Are there any lasting effects? Go into detail!
Is the event seasonal/holiday-based?: Will we need to do this event at a specific time?
Will the event be opt in/opt out? What will be the conditions?:
Would you be open to discussing details of the plot with mods, possibly making changes?: Some player-submitted plots need tweaking to fit in the city; would you be comfortable talking to mods about possible changes?

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