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Hiatus post

Please copy and comment with the text below. Hiatuses are valid for two months, after which time the player will be contacted. If you need to extend your hiatus for any reason, it is your responsibility to make sure that we are aware of it!

Please remember that you must be on hiatus for a period of two weeks within the activity period to qualify for an exemption from the check.

Current/Upcoming Hiatuses

Anne -}} June 5 - July 1
Giorno Giovanna [personal profile] digiorno
Lucy Steel [personal profile] damasks
Cecil Palmer [personal profile] saccades

BG -}} May 15th - June 15th
Elrond [personal profile] loveathousandyearsgone
Ecthelion [personal profile] silverwaters

Crystal -}} April 28th - May 31st
Diego Brando [personal profile] raptorcious
Elena Gilbert [personal profile] anadiplosis

Asher -}} May 13th - June 13th
Dave Strider [personal profile] callbacks
Keiko Yukimura [personal profile] niceskirts

Jamie -}} June 7th - June 21st
Holly Kujo [personal profile] berrynice

Jan -}} May 12th - June 12th
Gwen Stacy [personal profile] youretheworst

Karen -}} May 19th - June 16th
Yusuke Urameshi [personal profile] asskicks

Mint -}} May 20th - June 4h
Carlos the Scientist [personal profile] whatitis
Byakuya Togami [personal profile] heirdisqualification
Gyro Zeppeli [personal profile] steelball

Nao -}} May 15th - July 1st
Noriaki Kakyoin [personal profile] lapidarius

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Rosie -}} July 1st - July 8th
Psycho Mantis [personal profile] ginger_firebird
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