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You first glimpse the city through the window of the train.

What is the best part of you? What is the worst you can offer? As soon as you enter the Victorian-style city, the figurative powers that be know just what to expect from you. Your desires, your fears, your past and even your future are an open book from which the threads of dozens of stories can be brought forth and used to draw others in.

Nested near the centre of a large island, surrounded by an unnamed sea and ceilinged by an unfamiliar but star-filled sky, Ruby City is a place of constant change. From the moment they arrive, the residents influence the ebb and flow with their words and deeds, turning their new home into a mirror of themselves and the actions that they choose to take. Be it for better or worse, the vices and virtues displayed by every individual will impact upon the world around them, affecting the daily lives of everyone else who lives there.

Seven powerful beings hold sway over the city, though they too hail from a realm beyond that of the city itself. Their own pasts largely a mystery, they are tied heavily into the mechanics of their current world and are driven to test the residents of it for their own particular, enigmatic benefits.

In a place where a good deed means more than a smile in return, and an ill one can cost a life.. what will you become?

* * *

Ruby City is a pan-fandom jamjar experience that incorporates elements from most genres, including but not limited to: horror, adventure, survival, humour, and mystery. Characters find themselves brought to the city by train and trapped, unable to move much further than the surrounding island landscape.

Events occur twice monthly and while most are moderated, players are wholly encouraged to run game-wide events as well. Stretches of downtime between events are given for players work on personal plots and character development.

The game is slow to moderately paced, though this may quicken during busy events. Ruby City is a laid back game eager to welcome you, and much of it can be shaped by individual players -- from locations that exist within the city to suggestions for events.

✧ N A V I G A T I O N ✧