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Ruby City Map
Previous map can be found here.
OBELISK: (City's Center)
A towering ruby obelisk on an upraised stone dais in the centre of town. Nothing seems to be able to scratch its polished surface. Three wooden message boards surround it now. All three message boards are three-sided with 2ftx3ft publishing space.
TS: (Train Station)
Moderately well kept but almost always abandoned, the train station has a notice board on the platform with a few piece of information for new residents, as well as boxes containing blankets and a small number of basic supplies.
An enormous building that has served as the main location for parties and the like in the past. One may advise against staying here (few living space is to be found, anyway), as those who lord over the city sometimes pay it visits.
THT.: (Theatre) VACANT
The theatre is currently inhabited, with living space in a series of dressing rooms that were remodelled into a nice loft apartment behind the stage. If you enter the theatre from the back stage door, you will walk down a long dark hall with rafters and the catwalk overhead. You will come to a blank white door, and upon entering, there is a small foyer that opens to the left into a kitchen with the basic appliances and cabinets. There is a bar that looks into the kitchen, and out into the living area. The living area has a few reupholstered pieces of furniture and high vaulted ceilings, and a place for the piano to sit when it's not on the stage. A simple staircase leads up into a simple loft sleeping area with a bed and bureau. The restroom is just behind the staircase.
BL. S: (Black Stallion Saloon)
It isn't so much a dive as it is that artful way of turning something rustic into something charming. Most of the pub is fashioned as a mix of modern and old-style saloon, kitch and knick-knacks that are reminiscent of an American West type of decor. A long bar stretches across the very back of the establishment, allowing any resident to go to and from the back storage and up into the second floor. For those nights where she doesn't wish to walk home, there's a small bedroom up a small staircase past the kitchen in the back. The storage in the back houses kegs and boxes of dry goods, everything needed to maintain the restaurant side of things.
It would be hard to find living space in this clocktower. Neatly kept though it may be, one may have to sleep in sleeping bags or else jam themselves into the stairwell.
GH: (Greenhouse and Apothecary)
Cleaned up and repaired by a former resident, this large greenhouse is open to anyone who wishes to use it.
PUB: (Pub)
A small pub that looks like it’s come straight from Ireland, old and rather run down as it was vacant for too long. It has been renovated to the best of the new owners‘ abilities and has an air of coziness about it, while it can only hold about twenty people at most. The bar contains a small selection of Japanese drinks, alongside several different kinds of beer and a couple of non-alcoholic beverages. The main room adjoins a couple of back rooms and a kitchen. A staircase at the back leads up to a three bedroom apartment with a kitchen and bathroom.
LIB: (Library)

Floors 1&2 - Library Proper

Floor 3: VACANT A quaint studio apartment space on the uppermost floor of the library. It has a small kitchenette and a bathroom, and is dominated by the main window that overlooks the street in front of the building.

L: (Laboratories)

The laboratories, located next to house #26, appear to be a normal house based on their exterior. Once inside though, the building splits off into four separate labs, with the second story containing four bedrooms and a bathroom. Each lab is lined with cabinets full of glassware for experiments, microscopes, and other equipment, with two central lab benches in the middle of the room. Lab one has an additional nineteenth century centrifuge, and lab four includes a large crucible that can be heated to extreme temperatures. Presently, labs number one is used by Carlos, while two and three are unmanned. Lab number four is used by Waver Velvet.

SPI: (Spiral Training School)
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne ([personal profile] oathshackledbird)

Most of the building is be an open training area that can be used for all kinds of weapons/hand-to-hand defense training as well has having several smaller rooms for more specialized training, since Diarmuid hopes to get someone with magical talents to train those who want training in that kind of fighting as well. More information on teachers and the like can be found here.

The building is equipped with all of the usual training things like punching bags and the like. In addition, there will be some odd features in the training area in the form of some hanging rings, several tall poles, and balance beams. It obvious someone has a bias for acrobatic fighting styles.

In addition to the training areas, there will be a couple of small rooms where teachers and students can crash for the night. The rooms aren't going to be anything fancy, but they are there. Diarmuid will also be building a small loft up in the corner of the building to serve as his own 'living' space.

Despite the fact that the school is meant to teach fighting, the atmosphere is very open and relaxed. And, as if to reflect it's name, most of the decorations have some kind of Celtic spiral theme to them. The walls also have several posters on them that hold information about the other training areas in the city.

POL: The Ruby City Police Force
After some dissatisfaction with the Police Station's vacancy, a couple of now departed residents took over and cleaned up a bit. The lobby is freshly swept at all times and home to office space where, despite the lack of computers, one can assume record keeping and consulting can be done. Less sensitive documents are kept in this room and, upon its creation, a list created by Remus to track who is in the city, in the catacombs, and no longer present. Past the lobby is a lockable office space where most of the records Elena and her team kept. Across the hall from this room is a 'health room' equipped with a lavatory, clinic bed, small shower, and minimal first aid. A break room is located past that. Four holding cells exist in the back, though one is being repurposed as a secure area for new arrivals or anyone looking for police protection-- or in case the staff needs a break. In it, three cots are suspended from the wall. There are three more holding cells with their original shitty locks, but at least the police station has excellent guardsmen...
F: (Forge) Julian Arken ([personal profile] arken7)
An old-fashioned storefront, two stories with a broken sign outside. Inside, except for the display window the windows are high, narrow, and barred. There is absolutely no decor as of yet, and now shelves, just a battered wooden counter along one side and a staff door leading to his workshop in the back, part machine shop, part forge, part chemistry lab. Scrap metal, charcoal, and guano are all stored back here, but the bullets themselves are not. Ezio lives in the apartment above.
HTL. S: (Hotel Shinra Gaia)
Located close enough to the city center, Hotel Gaia is open to all residents of the city who need accommodations but don't want to live alone. Sporting two floors, a ball room, a formal dining room and all the "modern-ish" conveniences, there are plenty of rooms for anyone who wishes to use them.

The gym has been cleaned and fixed up. Outside there is a full basketball court alongside a soccer field. That's fûtból for you non-Americans, And the grassy field has a set of nets rolled to each side so that tennis or volleyball could be played. Inside there were several rooms of varying sizes. The basement was split into A locker room, a shower room, and a Japanese bathing room for each gender, as well as one large Japanese bath for mixed gender. On the main floor was a large room that looked like the gym you'd see in any school, large, with an equipment closet, and the lacquered wood floor. There were basketball hoops, a tower seat for refs, and goals built into the walls which were otherwise covered with gym mats. There was a slightly smaller room with mirrors on the wall, and it's own changing rooms. This was also where the manager's office was. The floor looked like the floor in a traditional Japanese dance studio, the walls had mirrors and barres for ballet. A smaller room was the weights room, and any exercise equipment they found that could be salvaged was moved into there. The painting on the outside of the building was an odd playful mix of pink, blue purple, and black. No particular design, but it looked like the painters had fun, a mix of rollers, regular brushes and the strokes of little tiny brushes. Here and there are signatures, a few names, but all of them hidden in different places: Nagihiko, Nadeshiko, Rhythm, Temari, Beat Jumper, Yamato Maihime, Seiyo Guardians. A sign is on the door "See Fujisaki-san for membership information."

A grove consisting of fruit trees. They aren't always the same fruits, though. Standing at outer corner of the grove there's a wooden mailbox decorated in splashes of paint and childish drawings. Built by the Girl and Afonso de Silva, the mailbox is there to function as just that- a place for people to put in their letters. They built it for the purpose of not sending mail between RC's citizens, but a place to pass on messages for the dead or those not within the city. Everyone is encouraged to use it as a place of mourning or reflection, or to add to the box's decoration as they see fit.
CLIN: (Clinic) Remus Lupin ([personal profile] thefivesigns)
A standard medical clinic, stocked with all the basics. There are a few beds set off in a small recovery ward down a hallway from a rather sparse emergency room and three private bedrooms. Volunteer staff can sign up and are kept track of here. A small one-bedroom apartment upstairs is currently unoccupied. The morgue is also located here, where some citizens will find themselves awakening after untimely deaths.
STBLS: (Stables)
Constructed by the residents, the stables are open to house any mounts that might enter the city along with their owners.
RES: (Restaurant) VACANT
OBS: (Observatory) VACANT
A relatively new addition, the observatory is a red stone building and Victorian in appearance, for those of the planet Earth who would recognise the time period. Thanks to the efforts of one Twilight Sparkle and those who assisted her, the building and telescope have now been restored and are both fully operational.
P: (Park) Just inside the park is the Phantomhive Manor. It is currently vacant.
O-shapes: (Watchtowers)
These watch towers seem to be from before the wall crumbled. Maybe there were more once, but these are the only ones that still stand.
STARS: (The Emporium)

What the hell is this shop? And why does it keep appearing in weird places? The Emporium appears in the city on the last week of every month, stocking objects from the homes of the residents and other particular requests which can be picked up.. for a price.

Shop #1: Bike Shop UNMANNED
A small bike shop. In it, unfinished bikes and every part needed to customise them can be found. From stencils to gears, chains, extra seats, and even bike-rack stakes to hammer into the ground at one's residence.
Shop #2: Music Store Pannacotta Fugo ([personal profile] unholey)
A store filled with instruments--many are in fairly good shape. You may find all those which do not require electricity or other means to work. There are also picks or extra strings and tools needed in repairing/caring for instruments. There is a small back room in which there are unfinished instruments stored.

The second floor of the store is divided into several rooms--the kitchen, bathroom, one bedroom, and a combined living room/dining area, which is the largest out of all the rooms. There are a few windows in each room. It can be accessed from either the staircase in the back room in the store or by the stairs behind the building. The apartment has plenty of furnishings to be comfortably livable in, with chairs, the 'necessities' for cooking and eating (utensils, pots, plates, etc), a table, a dresser and a large bed. There is a refrigerator and stove in the kitchen that are in perfect working condition.

Shop #3: FLOWER SHOP Kurama ([personal profile] roseblooms), Yusuke Urameshi ([personal profile] asskicks)

There is a small greenhouse in back of the store that is big enough to maintain the entire store's stock (nowhere near the size of the main one within the city). There is a vacant apartment above the shop.

Shop #4: Art GalleryVACANT
A smallish building with two big windows in front filled with artwork. Creative citizens are encouraged to come and show their skills off to the rest of the city! The gallery also offers two rooms inside that can be rented out to a single artist each.
Shop #5: Bookstore Byakuya Togami ([personal profile] heirdisqualification), Makoto Naegi ([personal profile] naeggs), Touko Fukawa ([personal profile] originalscissorsister)
A fairly small store; the books it carries are either those written by Fukawa herself or those that she has personally approved of. The ground floor is peaceful and almost perpetually silent, with full bookshelves on each wall and in rows down the center of the room in almost labyrinthine fashion. There are a small collection of armchairs in a reading room towards the back, looking surprisingly cozy and inviting. Above the bookstore is a small apartment featuring a study, a bedroom, and a combined kitchen and living room.
Shop #6: BAKERY Holly Kujo ([personal profile] berrynice)
A squat, charming little building finished all in dark wood with a glass front and a heavy dutch door that doubles as a service/pick-up window. A bell with a pull string hangs from the wall. The entire building serves as a kitchen but there are benches outside for passers by who want to wait on an order or enjoy the smells.
Shop #7: Grocery / General GoodsUNMANNED
A shop that carries most grocery goods-- not things that would be microwaved/canned but rather raw ingredients as well as meats and fresh fruits and vegetables. Sometimes familiar foods from home may show up though. You may also find things and implements for cooking, as well as miscellaneous goods such as batteries or cameras--though they are very old-fashioned and the film needs to be developed by the person.
Shop #8: Leather Store Rip Van Winkle [personal profile] singinghuntress
Rip runs a leather shop where she tans the hides of the animals she kills for whoever needs leather in the city, along with offering the butchered meat of said animals and a little taxidermy on the side.
Shop #10: Miss Fortune's Boutique Couture Meridiana Everett ([personal profile] occultigen)
A combination design studio and fashion boutique. Laid out similar in fashion to a bridal salon, the front of the house includes a comfortable seating area for consultations and try-ons, with modest-sized dressing rooms along one wall within easy walking distance of the three-fold mirrors. The back of the house is stocked full of self-replenishing fabrics in various types, patterns, and weights, an assortment of design tools, dressmaker's forms, sewing machines — essentially everything a budding fashion designer could need to put together as many collections as her little thrice-dead heart desires.
Shop #11: Celebrían ([personal profile] silvergift)
A clothing store with many assorted styles--from formal wear to casual wear, designed and made by those who choose to man the store. Though some ready-made clothing is occasionally made available, the styles are drab and pieces are often in need of repair. The Dolorosa and Celebrían have set up shop here and can often be found in the back of the store, working on any kinds of request for tailored clothing that come their way. A sign in the window reads 'PERSONAL TAILORING AVAILABLE ON REQUEST, INQUIRE WITHIN'.
Shop #14: General Hardware VACANT
Hand-made tools and carpentry items line the walls of the modest shop. It isn't anything fancy, but a basic array of tools are at the disposal for those who need them. Everything from nails to screws, hand-saws and hammers. At the front of the store there is always a supply of different grains of lumber for building purposes and for keeping warm.
Shop #15: The Coffee Joint Giorno Giovanna ([personal profile] digiorno)
Cared for by numerous owners, the coffee shop looks very much like the Celsius airship, with a small stage area, the counter and then an arrangement of tables and chairs. There are couches available so that people can come and lounge while drinking coffee. In honor of Gabumon, a prior resident of the city, it keeps a handful of flavors of ice cream on hand for customers. The ice cream is also used to mix with coffee for their new drink called Gabu coffee - coffee with a scoop of ice cream in it.

Above the Coffee Joint there are two floors of bedrooms adding up to six bedrooms. These are used for the temporary residence of new arrivals, and were arranged by a former resident.

img #1/img #2

Shop #16: Egress Dave Strider ([personal profile] callbacks)
A warehouse-turned nightclub, featuring a small bar, a few tables for gathering, and a stage for musical performers. As of December 2016, Egress boasts a sweet soundboard system, so keep party rockin'!
Shop #17: Le Café Anglais VACANT
The flat above the tea shop is quaint, but spacious enough and currently unoccupied. There's certainly enough room for a sizable collection to be built up, and everything is geared to comfort and a feeling of security, with dark wood and soft furnishings.

On the ground floor, a tea shop selling dozens of blends (custom available on request) of tea, and cakes and pastries is run by England. In the back of the shop, between the rear door and the interior stairs leading up to the flat, is a small bedroom for emergency use.

Shop #18: The Woven Widow UNMANNED
A store specializing in clothes and artwork woven from a previous resident's own Spider silk. There are pre made outfits and woven tapestries, and she also repairs clothes, but she specializes in requests of many types. The store itself has webs and spiders along the ceiling and on the outside, with her babies helping out with little patch jobs.
Shop #19: Toy Store & The Den Jotaro Kujo ([personal profile] starmark)
A toy store that was renovated during the stay of Nicholas St. North while he lived in the city. While the store still has its original array of common toys (from board games to slinkies, but nothing like video games), it is now chock full of toys North left behind and new toys built by Katherine Shalazar. These toys tend to be made of scrap metal and have a 'steampunk'-esque look to them, often consisting of clockwork. Now that she is no longer there, the toys do not move on their own. However, anyone who believes in her magic can still make those toys work. The first floor is a bit of a showroom with a workshop, and the space above is The Den, a gambling lounge with tables for cards, dice, mahjong, or anything you choose to bring in. It's got a warm, if slightly shady atmosphere, and minimalist Japanese decor, including a wooden carving of a dragon over the inside of the door. There are also a pair of comfortable leather couches, a pool table, and a back room if you want to play a more private game with your buddies. In March 2016, a new area was attached onto the first floor, and houses a modest assortment of classic arcade games. In the absence of currency, these games can be played via house-provided tokens, which are available in the front of the shop and can be received in exchange for a modest barter — a soda, a favor, or something of similarly inconsequential value.
Shop #20: Art Gallery Rohan Kishibe ([personal profile] nibs)
Shop #21: Lutece Labs Rosalind Lutece ([personal profile] originallutece)
A two-story affair. The bottom floor consists of two rooms: the front is a public store area, with three counters. Products are displayed there, ranging in quality from wondrous to mundane. In the back is the laboratory itself: a spacious thing, filled with laboratory equipment and research notes. The second story is reserved for personal use, and consists of four rooms: a kitchen, a living room (complete with fireplace), a bedroom, and a full bathroom. Most of the interior here is acquired from the previous owner, and includes cooking equipment and a spinning wheel.
Currently under renovation, this is a shop filled with potions, spells, charms, odd trinkets, herbs, and other odds and ends used for rituals of a magical nature.
The store is closed up tight. It's in good shape, but not particularly welcoming. No one appears to be living there. There's probably nothing of interest inside.
House #1: Psycho Mantis ([personal profile] ginger_firebird)
House #2: VACANT
House #3: VACANT
House #4: VACANT
House #5: VACANT
House #6: VACANT
House #7: VACANT
House #8: VACANT
House #9:VACANT The palace was constructed by Princess Peach, and is a two story, bright, happy building that is magically larger on the inside than it should be. It is mostly covered in pinks and pastels, though the previous occupants were working on toning that down.
House #10: Vacant
House #11: VACANT
House #12:VACANT
House #13: VACANT
A bit of a fixer-upper that has had some work done on it.
House #14: VACANT
House #15: VACANT
House #16: VACANT
House #17: VACANT
House #18: VACANT
House #19: VACANT
House #20: Future Home of Rosalind ([personal profile] originallutece) & Robert Lutece ([personal profile] uncertainrelation)
House #20 is one of the more solid-looking houses of Ruby City’s era— a spruced up Victorian manor with an excess of shrubs and spots for annual flowerbeds.
House #21: VACANT
House #22: VACANT
House #23: VACANT
House #24: Meridiana Everett ([personal profile] occultigen), Dave Strider ([personal profile] callbacks)
House #25: Noraki Kakyoin ([personal profile] lapidarius), Jotaro Kujo ([personal profile] starmark), Giorno Giovanna ([personal profile] digiorno), Holly Kujo ([personal profile] berrynice), Pannacotta Fugo ([personal profile] unholey)
House #26: VACANT
A standard 2-story house with a small overhang of a front porch. A previous resident turned the massive garden right around and has planted all sorts of herbs, flowers, vegetables, and fruits. It is not be uncommon for friendly animals to frequent the location.
House #27: Celebrían ([personal profile] silvergift), Erestor ([personal profile] asinglebook)
House #28: Lucy Steel ([personal profile] damasks)
A grand château of the late medieval style. Across from the house on the small stretch of grass beside the train station, a stone shrine to Jeanne d'Arc has been erected.
House #29: Turgon ([personal profile] hikikomori_king)
House #30: VACANT
House #31: VACANT
This rather odd looking house is somehow bigger on the inside, though the outside is so large as to make that hard to believe. And yet it sits on the same spot of land that the house they replaced sat. There are steps leading up to the monstrosity and then back down again, seemingly pointless. The entry looks like a museum version of a church with rounded arched windows and a matching entrance.

A large ornate carved stone pedestal, three people tall stood to one side, supporting a spherical light bright enough to illuminate the area. Another large pedestal was slender and decorated, supporting what looked like an ornate pinwheel that drew in energy when the wind blew. To one side was what looked like a large Japanese temple, except that it was dwarfed by the rest of the building. To the side and above that was something almost impossible to explain, it had to be seen. There was a bit that looked like the yellow submarine, and a part that looked like a Chinese imperial palace, and a clock tower like Big Ben, and a castle tower with it's own little tower like a growth of a crystal, there was a tall narrow tower thing that seemed to serve no function whatsoever, and some over large gears on the side that turned slowly throughout the day. Powering what.... who knows? There was, on the other side, a balcony with crenelations and a large satellite dish.

Most of the living space was found in the temple part. Perhaps one day the sisters would investigate what they had wrought elsewhere. In the temple was a room with a sign that said "Belldandy's tea room" in pretty Hirugana. It had a low table with cushions and was decorated sparingly but elegantly. The kitchen had tins of tea and tea pots and a pump sink that also ran the more modern way. There were snacks in the cabinets and a small fridge. The living room boasted another low table and some shelves and a small TV...which of course did not work here in Ruby City. The satellite dish is not THAT good.

There was a bathroom and a separate room for the bath, in an older Japanese style.

There was a good sized room with a computer and printer that have been gutted already, because Skuld got to them, which means she does not have as much to play with now. Dang it.

There was a room marked Ki's workshop that has Keiichi's futon and other assorted personal things, not that either Goddess is likely to check,

Belldandy's bedroom is unlabeled, but clearly hers, simple yet lovely, and neat as a pin. A basket of wool and some knitting needles sits in one corner.

Skuld's room is labeled "Skuld's labs" and is its usual disaster of a mess, with parts and tools scattered amongst toys and empty ice cream containers. Her futon is shoved into a corner, since she almost never uses it. There was also a small store of manga.

Past the sliding door labeled "Urd's room" was what looked more like a chem lab and pharmacy than a bedroom. There were test tubes and beakers and complex distillation contraptions. There were shelves upon shelves of bottles of potion components, mostly as solids, labeled with Urd's own code of symbols.

There were other bedrooms here and there, that had been used by various friends family members, and other Goddesses who have come to visit. There was also one storage room that epitomized "bigger on the inside", as one cannot see the far end from the doorway. Thankfully, as Keiichi discovered, DOWN is not infinite. Somewhere in that room, a lone boombox plays slow sad country music.

House #32: VACANT
House #33: VACANT
House #34: VACANT
House #35: VACANT
House #36: VACANT
House #37: VACANT
House #38: VACANT
House #39: VACANT
The house is a low traditional Japanese manor house. The sort you just know has got to be haunted. It is surrounded by a low wall with an authentic looking gate. There is the steady sound of a water timer THOCKing to one side, and the soft burble of a pond to the other side. There were cherry blossoms just inside the wall, to either side of the gate.
House #40: VACANT
House #41: VACANT
House #42: VACANT
House #43: VACANT
House #44: VACANT
House #45: VACANT
House #46: VACANT
The large house is done up in the style of a traditional Japanese home.
House #47:
House #48: VACANT
House #49: VACANT
House #50: VACANT
House #51: VACANT
House #52: Julian A. Arken ([personal profile] arken7)
House #53: VACANT
House #54: VACANT
House #55: VACANT
House #56: VACANT
House #57: VACANT
House #58: VACANT
House #59: VACANT
House #60: VACANT
House #61: VACANT
House #62: VACANT
House #63:VACANT
House #64: VACANT
House #65:VACANT
House #66: VACANT
House #67: VACANT
House #68: VACANT
House #69: VACANT
House #70: VACANT
House #71: Rip van Winkle ([personal profile] singinghuntress)
House #72: VACANT
House #73: VACANT
House #74: VACANT
House #75:VACANT
House #76: VACANT
House #77: VACANT
House #78: VACANT
House #79: VACANT
House #80: VACANT
House #81: VACANT
House #82: VACANT
House #83: VACANT
House #84: VACANT
House #85:Kyrian Hunter ([personal profile] betrayedbylove)
A large house with columns in front similar to an Ancient Greek style. The shutters are all firmly sealed over the windows. The windows beneath are covered with a thick layer of black paint.
House #86: VACANT
House #87: VACANT
House #88: VACANT
House #89: VACANT
House #90: VACANT
House #91: VACANT
House #92: VACANT
House #93: VACANT
House #94: VACANT
House #95: VACANT
House #96: VACANT
House #97:VACANT
House #98: Diarmuid Ua Duibhne ([personal profile] oathshackledbird)
House #99: VACANT
House #100: VACANT
House #101: VACANT
House #102: VACANT
House #103: VACANT
House #104: VACANT
House #105: VACANT
House #106: VACANT
House #107: VACANT
House #108: VACANT
House #109: VACANT
House #110: VACANT
House #111: VACANT
House #112: VACANT
House #113: Blackarachnia ([personal profile] treacherous_widow)
#1a: Harry Dresden ([personal profile] in_the_book)
#3c: Zarek ([personal profile] psychoassz)
#4d: Elena Gilbert ([personal profile] anadiplosis) & Jenna Sommers ([personal profile] gradstudent)
#1a: Diego Brando ([personal profile] raptorcious)
A small rundown apartment with several new locks installed. The interior has not been well kept, with claw marks on the surfaces of counters and furniture.
#1c: Rosalind Lutece ([personal profile] originallutece) & Robert Lutece ([personal profile] uncertainrelation)
- two apartments merged into one.
✧ N A V I G A T I O N ✧