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IC Death Submission

Characters can kill and be killed in Ruby City. However, this is by no means something which is a free-for-all, and involves time limits and consequences.

Please note that should your character kill another, there are likely to be IC consequences including possibly being imprisoned, ostracised or hunted down by other characters in the game, again depending upon player discretion (and that of the CR of the victim/s). Please be realistic in deciding whether or not your character can get away with murder!

As of 18-01-16, the mechanics around character death were changed to make the process matter more in the long term. The full post can be found here, but all relevant details are outlined below.

General Process

- Any deceased will be required to spend five days ICly dead, though the player can choose to forward-date a revival post from three days after if they wish.
- Respawn points may vary, depending on where and how a person died. An example of this is that someone could respawn inside the lair of a beast that attacked (or ate) them.
- When someone dies (assuming they do not have regenerative powers), their body will remain viable for a maximum of one hour to allow them to be found and revived or resurrected by anyone who possesses that ability.
- Should someone have the ability to regenerate themselves from death, this will need to revive them within the same hour period or it will fail.
- After the hour expires, the unfortunate individual's corpse will solidify into a stone-like material which will crumble into dust if disturbed in any way.

Penalty Details

With the exception of a five day IC down-time period, all penalties are optional.

Upon death, player characters will be greeted by a non-player character who takes the form of whatever they would best understand as a representation of Death. This character will not be actively played, so all interactions can be handwaved, but it does exist and can be remembered upon the character's revival. The purpose of this character is to extract a 'payment' from the player character, with the implication that if they don't give something up, this really is the end of the road.

That, of course, is a complete lie.

In order to get their life back, Death will tell them, they will need to give up part of it. A sense, a memory, a skill, even a limb... anything is fair game. While this requirement will be previously agreed between the player and a moderator, it will not be known to the character before the deal is offered. What will be up to them is either accepting the deal as offered, or arguing against it. Death is very, very busy and maybe they'll let you off this time.

The catch is, once you give something up, you don't get to have it back right away.. or even very soon. The only way to get back what you've lost is through in-game regains (for example: events, NPC activities, etc). Being unlucky enough to die whilst still carrying the effects of a prior death will not swap out one problem for another, though. These problems stack.

Mod Note: Although there is no official penalty for killing someone, repeated murders will garner their own kind of special attention.

There will be a minimum time limit of two months imposed between character deaths, and the one week down-time period cannot be used as a substitute for hiatus (please do not kill your character off just because you're going on holiday!).

Please report your character deaths (preferably before they occur) using the form below! We will not tolerate death being used simply to create drama, so please consider your character's reasons for either killing or being killed before going ahead with your submission.

Please note, if a date isn't available at the time of request, you will be asked to provide one when you have it for tracking purposes.

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[personal profile] lazyboned 2016-06-17 09:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Victim(s): Sans
Perpetrator: Rip van Winkle
Possible consequences: for Sans, loss of his in-game memories up to Frisk's arrival. Time to make friends again! (he will notice he's forgetting something though, particularly considering he remembers conversations he had with people post-Frisk).
Date of occurrence (if applicable): Some days after the Pleasantville event. Literally. Here's the log where it'll go down. Log
Any other details?: Not atm.