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The Emporium

The Emporium is currently OPEN.
It is currently located in the park, next to the forest.

The Emporium stocks objects and curios that moves around the city, presumably when no one is watching. It appears in various different but specific location on the city map (marked by gold stars).

It's difficult to see anything through the windows, but on entering even the least-attuned person would be able to feel the energy buzzing in the air. Everything stocked on the shelves and in the glass display cabinets is strange and foreign... but wait, doesn't that one item look familiar?

Perhaps it's a personal trinket, or that last piece needed to complete a project, but picking it up and carrying it out of the store won't work and if you try, it will dissolve into dust. Maybe it will appear again next time, if you're lucky. There's a price on everything here, written in cursive script on a paper label attached with string in a simple loop. Bring what's requested and place it in the box by the cash register marked 'donations' and the label will disintegrate into embers, leaving you free to take your... purchase.

* * *

The Emporium seems simple in function - you walk in, you find something that you recognise or something that belonged to you once upon a time, and you make a trade. In fact, the shop works on an internal system that almost qualifies as self awareness. When you find something in the store, its importance to you and how exactly you know about it has already been evaluated and is reflected in the price ticket found attached to every item.

Though not a definitive guide - as every request is judged on an individual basis - the outlines below should help you to see just how difficult it might be to get what you want.

Easy Requests
  • Minor, non magical requests such as food items (canon or non-canon), and objects with little to no particular canon or non-canon significance.
  • Items that belonged to the character at any point in their known canon.
  • Items that belonged to close friends/family that they could have easily laid hands on at any part in their known canon.

Medium Requests
  • Items that the character has seen in their own canon but has never touched or owned themselves.
  • Items which will belong to the character at some point in their future.
  • Items that the character knows about in their own canon but has never seen for themselves.
  • Pets and companion animals.

Difficult Requests
  • Items that do exist in the character’s canon, which the character knows about but cannot prove the existence of.
  • Items that do exist in the character’s canon which the character is unaware of.
  • Anything in the above categories which may have a potential larger impact on the game setting or characters therein.

Prohibited Requests
*note: characters may try to find these kinds of items, but they will simply not appear in the store
  • Fourth wall breakers that would give the characters a vast amount of knowledge about their futures/canon universe that they would not ordinarily have.
  • Items which would have drastic impact upon an entire cast. These may be considered if full cast approval has been gained.

* * *

Character Name:
Desired Object: Name and general description/picture if one is available.
Importance: How important is this object to your character? On a scale of 'I just want this thing' to 'my father gave it to me on his deathbed and every day without it is painful'. If it's a specific part of a project, tell us about it!
Would you like to include other characters in trade possibilities? Opt-in. If you answer 'yes', there is a possibility that the price may require a trade with another resident of the city (for example, the label may read 'three alicorn feathers', with the only alicorn available being Twilight Sparkle). This is an opportunity for CR, but we understand that not everyone would want to go down this route. Responding 'no' will exclude this option, but responding 'yes' will not guarantee the involvement of another resident, rather it will leave the possibility open.

(Note: If you are interested in this option but are worried about being pointed in the direction of a character/player that you don't want to thread with, let us know via PM in conjunction with your request.)

Price examples will range according to the importance of the object and the ability of the character and will include things that they can hunt or find in and around the city, as well as items that they can make or otherwise produce. They may be asked for something that they already own. It may be a certain kind of flower found in the forest, one of their own teeth, an honest written confession, a phial of water from the catacombs lake, or something as simple as a lovingly cooked meal.

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