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Below you will find descriptions of the monsters that roam Ruby City alongside our more mundane faunal residents. Of course, perhaps there are monsters yet to be discovered . . .

If there is a monster you would like to see, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will consider adding it! Click on any monster's name to see a picture, and feel free to ask us questions at the FAQ.
✧ Level Green ✧
Creatures in this category are generally either less dangerous than creatures in the other two categories or less likely to cause damage to Ruby City's infrastructure. Players are welcome to use these creatures in their threads without mod permission.

✧ Level Yellow ✧
Creatures on Level Yellow are at a medium danger level or have some potential to cause widespread damage. Players must check in with mods before using these monsters in threads.

✧ Level Red ✧
Those monsters listed in this level present the greatest threat, both in terms of lethality and potential structural damage to Ruby City. These creatures must be NPC'd by a mod (from [personal profile] rubycity_bestiary). Please contact the mod team via PM to the main mod account to request an encounter.



The Adh Seid are Irish spirits who are never seen by those that have a clean conscience, and emerge at midnight. They have many different forms. Sometimes they are seen as frogs, other times a beautiful woman and at other times they are a black horse. They enter into peoples' houses to haunt them. Those who have done good deeds in life have nothing to fear. It is those who have done wrong in life who should watch out as the Adh Seid causes them to lose their sanity.

Badgermoles are gigantic creatures found in mountainous areas and are capable of earthbending. While they have eyes, evolution has led to them being blind due to their habitat being underground. They use a combination of their claws and earthbending to dig tunnels through mountains, which they can change and thus lead to very lost people if they happen to wander inside them. Badgermoles can be tamed, though the ones found in the wild can be aggressive if they feel threatened. However, it seems that they like music.

Chocobos are large, flightless birds most often found in fields and forests. While most are yellow in color, rare breeds exist possessing different colors and abilities, such as being able to fly or walk on water. Chocobos are known for being intelligent and friendly, and are commonly used as mounts that can be called from anywhere in the world with a special whistle.

A sad, pale blob of a creature that spins psychic, semi-visible webs among the trees and waits for someone to stumble upon them. If caught, its prey begins to dream of something from home. These dreams are usually comforting, although not always, and intended to trap the user permanently. It's possible to break free of the dream, but it takes a great deal of effort, and if one eats the food there, they'll stay forever.

For its part, the drome simply enjoys watching its prey dream. Once they starve to death, it will eat them. Dromes will always be present in a person's dream, disguised as something else. They cannot speak, but their visual appearance is flawless. In addition, they can disguise their prey in order to confuse any would-be rescuers. They can be killed by beheading.

Living in small colonies in the forest, the fairies are rarely seen but often heard, usually as silver laughter or the sound of bells in the tree canopy. Here and there in glades clear of trees, fairy rings can be found, and stepping inside them will instantly transport the individual into the realm of the Fae. They are gentle, but mischievous creatures who will take any opportunity to celebrate, but it must be noted that to consume the food or drink they offer you will leave you trapped in their world forever. They can be befriended, but to remove one from its colony means that it can never come back. However, they seem to be aware of this, and if one should decide that you are worthy of such a thing, you are a very lucky individual.

Fairies are fond of sweet things, and gifts of things such as honey are always well-received.

Small, primitive dragons the size of large birds. Fire lizards come in a range of colours, and unlike most creatures present in the areas surrounding the city, can be tamed and "linked" with a single individual. In the wild, they travel in groups known as fairs and can be found in the lower areas of the mountains and on the cliffs and beaches. For more information, please refer to this post.

Please note that fire lizards can only be found breeding between the months of May and September.

Ruby City has a less than settled past, and of course the spirits of those who have died here are restless. Though not seen often, at certain times of the year or in certain weather conditions these spirits can be seen wandering the streets of the city, along paths they once took in life.

For anyone who can communicate with them, they will seem near-psychotic in speech, but they are (mostly) harmless.

These small creatures reside in the gardens/backyards of homes, and are generally considered to be harmless yet irritating pests, often infesting in large numbers. They are known to have toughened skin, oversized bauble-shaped heads, and large, gnarled feet. The most typical way to get rid of an infestation of gnomes is to pick them up by the ankles, swing them around several times to disorient them, and then fling them as far as possible; however, this is only considered a temporary solution and the creatures will inevitably return.

The Grindylow is a sickly green colour, with green teeth and small pointy horns on its head. It has long, strong (albeit brittle) fingers which it uses to strangle its prey, and is a rather good swimmer. They can be found in the bottom of the lake outside the city, and are very aggressive, with the habit of catching those people who swim too far from the shore and dragging them down into the depths. The trick to escaping them is to break their grip.

Kin of Amaimon, King of Earth. Hobgoblins are demons that possess rats, moles, and other small pests. As demons, they look similar to strange monkeys. These weaklings are mostly mischief makers, stealing people's possessions, eating their food, and causing mayhem for fun. Hobgoblins are metropolitan, found wherever their hosts are, and live in small colonies ruled by a large king or queen. Though they are not sapient, they do use crude weapons and tools. They cannot be seen by those who are not spiritually sensitive in some way (up to player discretion).

Kappa are roughly humanoid in form, and about the size of a child. Their scaly, reptilian skin ranges in colour from green to yellow or blue. They inhabit rivers and ponds, and have webbed hands and feet, able to swim like fish. They are tricksters, and their pranks can range from the harmless, such as passing gas as someone walks by, to the openly malevolent, such as drowning people and animals.

If captured by one, there are a few means of escape. Kappa obsess over politeness, and if a person gestures to them with a deep bow, they are obliged to return it, spilling the water from the lilypad-like bowl (sara) on top of their head, rendering them unable to leave the bowed position until the bowl is refilled with water from the pond or river where it lives. If a human does this, the kappa will serve them forever. Another weakness is their arms, which can be pulled from their body. A kappa will typically impart knowledge or perform favours to have its arms returned.

Kelpies are a type of fae that make their homes in the water. They live within freshwater lakes, streams and rivers. Like most fae, they care only for themselves and the environment around them - humans are either an afterthought or the next meal. Kelpies appear as horses walking up out of the water, beautiful and gleaming white, with skin that is smooth, a bit slimy, like a catfish. They will seem friendly, and often try to invite a human upon their back - but once they are touched, their skin becomes adhesive, and they drag their prey back into the water to devour them. You may have to lose a hand to get away alive.

The forest at the eastern edge of the park boasts only one leshen, but one is more than enough. Its territory is marked by small, strange totems attached to trees and even the dryads will hasten to warn the unwary that they should not pass that way if they can help it.

If provoked, the leshen is a fearsome enemy. It is able to summon wildlife to attack, and pushes its hands into the ground to cause roots to burst from beneath any target. Their weakness is fire, but it is not advisable to attempt to go up against them at all.

The monsters in the park are some twisted combination of humanoid and lupine. They are mindless in their hunger, competely feral and violent without reason or concern for their own well being. They often travel in packs, and while one may be easy for many to dispatch, a large group is significantly more lethal.

A small human-like creature with blazing red eyes, wearing a red hat and having a long white beard. Red caps have eagle claws for hands which they use to kill humans. They are called ‘Red Caps’ because they stain their hats with the blood of their victims. They wear boots made from iron but this does not slow them down, rather they are extremely agile and quick, jumping and running from one place to another. The Red Caps live among piles of rocks in the plainlands.

The best way to protect oneself from Red Cap is to recite the words from the Bible.

An enormous bird of prey, only two dwell in the mountains, and far from one another. If you see a bird’s shadow passing over you on the plains, you may want to freeze or else duck for cover.

They hunt the large wargs that roam about, but will not hesitate to go for a human or two. However, if their prey proves aware or else able to fight them back, they may quickly flee. They nest high up in the mountains, and beware if you stumble upon one.

These spiders like damp places to rest, and can be found in the forest. While generally docile, they will lurk when hungry and jump out to grab their prey. These beasts are generally about ten feet high and covered in hair. They are different from other spiders in that their mouths are located on the underside of their bellies, away from their fangs. Young spiderlings are about the size of a large dog, and much faster than their adult counterparts, so beware!

Like dryads, spriggans are tree spirits, however, they are far more violent than their fair counterparts and will simply attempt to kill anyone who is unlucky enough to come across them. They can bend Nature to their will and turn nearby wildlife against the person they are engaging, and are a formidable enemy for this reason alone. Spriggans can be defeated easily using fire, and live in the deeper parts of the forest.

Found in the forest, thestrals are huge winged horses with white shining eyes, dragonish faces and necks, and skeletal black bodies. They are attracted to the smell of blood. Thestrals are invisible to anyone who has not seen death, and have an amazing sense of direction, able to move magically fast through the air. ( description from HP Lexicon )

The caves high in the mountains are not only home to dragons. Trolls can be found, living alone or in small groups of what can be assumed to be family members, and while they will not attack on sight, they will not hesitate to do so if their home is disturbed or if they feel threatened. It is best to simply keep away from them.

Shy and mysterious creatures, unicorns are horses of extraordinary elegance and grace, marked out as what they are by the slender spiral horn in the centre of their forehead. They will rarely approach anyone, but can be most easily found by those with pure hearts.

Unicorns are never seen outside of the forest, and anyone looking for one will have to spend a long time searching.

These creatures travel in packs of two and threes across the plainlands. They have a large territory range so, if you set foot outside the city, you’re already likely in their territory.

They’re only a bit smaller than a horse and once they lock their jaws around you, it’s near impossible to break.

The wendigo is a creature of skin and bones and hunger. It looks a bit like something dead, half desiccated. Its proportions are stretched, wrong and only a parody of humanoid. The creature's physical form is a temporary one, as it usually travels in a noncorporeal form, an out of the place breeze that raises the hairs on one's neck as it passes. The wendigo hungers for flesh, especially human flesh. Beyond the danger of being eaten, the wendigo also can possess its victim for short stretches of time, controlling that person and forcing him or her to commit horrible atrocities without any awareness, often leaving its possessed victim with blood on its hands.

Wendigos can be encountered near the edge of the forest, and rarely venture far onto the plainlands.

Will-o'-the-wisps are tiny, ethereal beings that manifest themselves and dancing lights, usually only approaching and appearing in the corner of one's vision. They cannot directly cause harm, but they are known to mislead those who see them, drawing them deeper into the forest and further from marked trails. Rather mischievous, they are not above leading the unwary traveler into dangerous situations.

In the caves in the mountains there live large, fur-covered, bipedal creatures. With large teeth. These are the yeti, which are rather territorial. They will not hesitate to violently defend their homes, and especially their young against any intruders. They are large, muscular and possessed of sharp claws and short tempers. They are generally solitary creatures, save when they have their young with them.




An ill omen in any situation, seeing a banshee is a sure sign that your luck is about to turn bad. Associated with death, they most often appear after somebody has passed away.

Illusive by nature, the centaur herd lives a solitary life in the depths of the forest. They are half-wild, and attempting to ride one is seen as a grievous insult, punishable by death. They are, however, sentient and capable of intelligent conversation. The friendship of a centaur is difficult to gain, but once gained, they are incredibly loyal and will defend a friend even from others of their own kind.

Dryads are nymphs which are bound to certain trees in the forest. They are mischievous and will tempt young, virile men into mating with them so that they can reproduce. If the tree they are bound to is cut down or otherwise destroyed, they will die. It is not recommended to light a fire within sight of a dryad’s tree, as they do not react kindly to such things, and can set the flora itself to attack any kind of threat.

Living in the forest, the elves are small, humanoid beings with pointed ears and large eyes. They appear to be defenceless, but are anything but, and seem to be able to disappear and reappear at will. Someone venturing into the forest may find themselves being followed for some time before they happen to catch a glimpse of small figures moving from tree to tree. The elves use rudimentary weapons, but the blades and arrows that they are armed with are laced with a paralysing poison that places the victim into a deep coma.

While not unfriendly, they have no reason to trust anyone who invades their territories. However, unless you cause damage to their home, they will only observe you until you leave.

Living in the lake, the mer are intelligent creatures with a structured society, based somewhere deep in the dark waters. They can occasionally be seen near the surface, but will often flee at the sight of a human. It is said that dancing fascinates them, and they will come into the shallows to watch it. If they are captured and pulled onto land, their tails will turn into legs through a painful metamorphosis.

A type of nymph which inhabits fountains, small rivers, streams and brooks and springs, they largely keep away from the dealings of mortals. Each naiad is bound to a body of water, and if it dries up, they will die. Though they mostly keep to themselves, they can be tempted by offerings.

The Phoenix is a unique animal within the world that Ruby City is placed, and resides at its highest point. There is only one, and it is a creature of such beauty and power that even the captors hold it in high regard. Said to live for 500 or 1461 years (depending on the source), the Phoenix is a bird with beautiful gold and red plumage. At the end of its life-cycle the phoenix builds itself a nest of cinnamon twigs that it then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young Phoenix arises.

More commonly found in colder climates that hot, if you were to find it, these birds can mainly only be called forth by those who have a certain magic within them, and be asked for help, and if someone creates a powerful enough bond with a Phoenix, the bird can become their familiar. If the bird wills it.




Both beautiful and terrifying, dragons inhabit high mountains and claim vast territories. They are highly intelligent creatures fond of riddles, and can be anything from utterly benevolent to entirely evil. Dragons are capable of speech, but not of lying (however, they can certainly twist the truth), often employing the use of cunning and pretty words to convince others.

They can indeed breathe fire, and occasionally descend from their lofty perches to hunt on the plains. It would be rare to see two in the same place save for when they are mating, which is a sight to behold in itself.

Terrible creatures of seafaring legend, there is currently only one kraken living in the lake, several hour's walk from the city itself. With a distinct lack of boats to sink, it is rarely seen, but those walking by the water in the dim light of dawn or dusk might chance to see several long, thick tentacles waving above the water.

The Leviathan makes its home in the subterranean lake beneath the city. It is of a size that is almost incomprehensible, and is capable of easily swallowing a person whole. Presumably a creation of the captor named Atien Moore, it does not react well to being disturbed . . .


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