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Canon Update

Not every canon update requires notification, but if the change to your character is a significant one, as noted here in the FAQ, then we request that you let us know in advance so that we can be sure of your ability to remain IC after the canon update is complete.

Please fill in the form below if you believe that your canon update will bring significant enough changes to your character to require notifying the mods.

✧ N A V I G A T I O N ✧
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CW: Mentions of blood and forced suicide

[personal profile] oathshackledbird 2015-10-10 10:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Lancer)
Canon: Fate/Zero
Original Application: Here!
Current canon point: The end of episode 5: "Howl of the Mad Beast"
Updating to: The end of episode 16: "The End of Honor"

Personality (if applicable): Diarmuid is going to be updating from basically the beginning of his canon to the end of it so he is going to be going through a great deal of personality change. I am going to do a quick summary of the events he is going to be going through and then explain how his personality will change because of it. (Okay, so it's not that quick, but...)

  • Battle with Saber vs Caster: This battle is going to give Diarmuid another chance to fight with the servant he has come to feel so much respect and honor for against a foe that is the very opposite of everything they stand for. They work very well together as a team and are able to drive Caster back. However, before they can really have any kind of discussion about their views or finishing their duel...
  • Both of them sense that Diarmuid's master Kayneth has been seriously hurt by Saber's master and Saber allows Diarmuid to go rescue him. Kayneth's magic circuits have been destroyed, leaving him very close to death and unable to move much on his own. He cannot really function as a master anymore. As a result...
  • Sola-Ui 'convinces' him to give her his remaining command seals. She speaks with Diarmuid and, eventually, the two come to the conclusion they will continue to fight so that they can use the Grail's power to return Kayneth to good health. It is obvious that Sola-Ui is lying about her reasoning, but Diarmuid wants to win for his lord so much that he doesn't confront her about it even if she is reminding him of Grainne to an uncomfortable degree.
  • Caster decides to attack again and Diarmuid once more teams up with Saber to stop him. They are joined by Rider, Irisviel, and Waver in their efforts. When it comes to light that the only way Caster can be stopped is to remove the cursed injury Diarmuid inflicted on Saber earlier so that she can use her Noble Phantasm at full power, Diarmuid does not hesitate to destroy Gae Buidhe to release the curse. To him, there is no doubt that saving the innocents that Caster would kill and allowing a knight's code of honor to win out is more important than one of his weapons.
  • Caster is defeated thanks to Diarmuid's willingness to sacrifice his weapon. However, while the battle is concluding, Sola-Ui--who Diarmuid left on a nearby building to safely watch the battle--is kidnapped and the hand with her command seals is severed. Once no longer distracted by the battle, Diarmuid will realize this and begin searching frantically for her.
  • Eventually, he is force to return to their base without having found her since he has no proper link to her. While she had his command spells, Kayneth is still his proper master. Diarmuid takes his failure to find her very hard.
  • While the battle is finishing up, Kayneth--now able to move with the help of a wheelchair--speaks with the mediator of the war and is given a command spell as a reward for the part Diarmuid played in helping defeat Caster. To make sure no other masters can claim a command spell after that, Kayneth murders the mediator before returning to base.
  • Back at their base, when Diarmuid tells Kayneth of his inability to find Sola-Ui, Kayneth tears into his servant. He cuts down all Diarmuid believes in going so far as to mock his beliefs and insist that Diarmuid is no knight at all. A tool cannot be a knight. Diarmuid is so upset by this, that he is nearly brought to tears. However, before he can reply, he hears a car approaching. Irisviel and Saber have arrived at their base. Kayneth sends Diarmuid out to find out what is going on.
  • Saber has decided with everyone tired from fighting Caster, this may be the only time they have a chance to finish their duel uninterrupted. Diarmuid agrees and getting the chance to fight her fairly is enough to raise his spirits. Even though he knows only one of them will leave the battle alive, he is overjoyed to fight with her and to have gotten to meet her.
  • While they are dueling, unbeknown to Saber, Irisviel, and Diarmuid, Saber's master faces Kayneth. He was the one who had Sola-Ui kidnapped and he uses her now to force Kayneth to agree to a binding magician's contract. Kayneth and Sola-Ui's lives will be spared if Kayneth uses his last command spell to order Diarmuid to commit suicide.
  • Kayneth agrees to the deal, and Diarmuid finds himself one moment moving to attack Saber and the next driving his spear through his own heart. When Saber's master, Kayneth and Sola-Ui appear, Diarmuid realizes his life, wishes, and beliefs have all been trampled underfoot just as if he was a tool and not a person. This causes him to mentally snap, descending into what can only be called a maddened frenzy. He fades away cursing everyone there--including Saber who he believes betrayed him--the Grail, and the whole world. As he screams out his hate and rage with blood running from his eyes and mouth, there is basically nothing left of the honorable, hopeful, and loyal knight that was called into the war.

And this is how he will return to Ruby City. While the game will have healed the mortal part of his wounds, it cannot so easily heal a shattered heart and soul. A lot of Diarmuid's character focuses on two knightly aspects of his personality--loyalty and honor. During his first life and again during the war, Diarmuid is forced to chose between those two things. No matter how hard he tries, he can never be both. During his first life, he ran away with Grainne to keep his honor, but that eventually force him to break his loyalty with Fionn. In the war, he tries to be loyal to Kayneth no matter what he is told to do, but very often Diarmuid ends up being honorable over being loyal (for example, when he weakened himself and by extension his master, by destroying one of his Noble Phantasms). By the time he goes to face Saber in the duel right before he dies, Diarmuid feels he has failed at both being loyal (Kayneth doesn't trust him and never has) and being honorable. To have his life taken from him without the chance to finish the duel that was the only bright thing left in him for the war, is devastating. Not only that, he ends up believing (incorrectly) that the only person like him in the war actually lied to and betrayed him just as his master did. It is all too much for him to take and as a result he literally crumbles under the weight of it.

As he will be grabbed and pulled back to the city after he has faded, but before he returns to the Grail, Diarmuid will still be in the grips of that madness and despair. Fortunately, he has a network here that will be able to draw him back closer to himself, but he is never going to be the same naive, optimistic man he was before he was taken away from the city to finish the war. He is going to be less optimistic, less trusting and less open than he has been in the past. He will, however, be free to focus entirely on finding out what exactly Ruby City is because it will be all he has left. If he goes back to his world, he will be erased as if he never was. That is the Fate of all servants. He knows that now, and while he would love to forget everything that happened to him in the war, that is not the natural order of things. Memories are parts of a person's soul and what make them themselves. Even as shattered as his soul may be right now, he does not want to give up anymore than he already has. After all, he doesn't have a whole lot left. And while he does still believe in loyalty, honor, and all those knightly aspects he has shaped his life around, his failure is going to leave him not knowing what he is suppose to be. Diarmuid was a knight his whole life and doesn't really know what else to be. If he can't be that, what is left for him? This is something he is going to have to find out once he returns to the city.

Abilities (if applicable): When Diarmuid returns, he will have lost access to one of his spears, Gae Buidhe, because he destroyed it during battle so that Caster could be defeated by Saber. Otherwise, his abilities will remain the same.
Edited (Forgot my warning!) 2015-10-10 22:02 (UTC)
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[personal profile] castintofire 2016-01-08 03:31 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Maedhros
Canon: Tolkien: The Silmarillion
Original Application: Here.
Current canon point: Just after the Second Kinslaying.
Updating to: Seconds before death.

While he never found those twins, and he lost all but his brothers Maglor and Amras, the Oath continued to drive them. In time they found Elwing and she still had the Silmaril. Again they asked her to give it up, which she refused and the sacked Sirion where she'd taken refuge. In this, the Third Kinslaying, Amras fell. Driven mad, Maedhros nearly killed Elwing's twin sons, but Maglor stopped him and they ended up taking the boys in. Elwing had fled again with the Silmaril and her husband was away.

With Maglor, Maedhros raised the boys Elrond and Elros. In time, fond affection, even love, grew between them and he did his part in teaching the twins all he knew. But eventually they had to send the boys away, both for their own safety and because they'd found the remaining Silmarils and didn't want their fosterlings to see them in their mad insanity.

They succeeded in getting into Morgoth's stronghold and sneaking back out with the Silmarils, but the jewels they'd sought for so long no longer would suffer their touch so burned them to the bone. With this realization, Maedhros threw himself into lava, becoming the first elf to commit suicide.

Abilities: No change, except he'll have his right hand back thanks to Chari.
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Just making sure this is fine!

[personal profile] wayofluthien 2016-01-14 03:46 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Arwen Undomiel
Canon: Tolkien: Lord of the Rings
Original Application: Here!
Current canon point: Just after her wedding day
Updating to: About six years after wedding day

Personality: No real change, but she's had twin girls (headcanon names: Eleniel and Estelwen). So she's more of a mother figure than before.

The main thing that changes is that I would like her to come back with her twin girls when they are about a year old.
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[personal profile] wayofluthien 2016-01-18 06:31 am (UTC)(link)
No problem, still will go ahead to that new canon point. Thanks
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[personal profile] watermelogisty 2016-01-17 09:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Steven Quartz Universe
Canon: Steven Universe
Original Application:
Current canon point: Episode 70, "Catch and Release".
Updating to: Episode 78, "Log Date 7 15 2"

Personality: While Steven continues to be the same sweet, patient, excitable, hardworking gem/human child as stated in the original application, there's some notable changes between both canon points: while still surrounded by many who love him, he continues to show feelings of not belonging to either the human or Gem worlds. He really speak of those feelings, but shows signs of it continuing to grow into a bigger personal issue.
Steven has also had his trust tested by someone else, someone he believed could be better than how they once were, only to have his trust broken, causing him to blame himself for being naive, and learning that not everyone deserves his trust and patience. While that doesn't exactly turn him into a mistrusting person, he still learned an important, character-building lesson.

Abilities: Shape-shifting: Steven seems to have a slightly better grasp of his shape shifting abilities at this point, though not by much. He is, in the very least, able to stretch out his body (he does so while attempting to make himself look older), but it strains him, and the long period of times (a few hours, by the look of it) cause him to shrink all the way back to how he was as an infant - while the change seems mental too, it might have been a mixture of his body reverting to a physically smaller form, and his age fluctuation powers playing a part due to his feelings during that episode.

Age fluctuation/Inability to age: While Steven's physical age can shift uncontrollably according to his mental state, it is also noted that Steven stopped aging normally when he was 8, which gives him a much younger appearance than his real age. One can assume that Steven may never age like a regular human, as Gems simply don't. But it's still difficult to tell, since by the end of the "Steven's Birthday" episode, he seems to begin to show signs of puberty.
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[personal profile] sweetsky 2016-01-27 03:34 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Ciel Phantomhive
Canon: Black Butler
Original Application: Here
Current canon point: Chapter 35 (when leaving Kelvin's burning mansion)
Updating to: End of Chapter 65, after Sebastian has dealt with the Bizarre Dolls

Personality (if applicable): No real change
Abilities (if applicable): N/A
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[personal profile] kaylinneya 2016-07-02 01:22 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Kaylin Neya
Canon: Chronicles of Elantra

Original Application:
Current canon point: in the middle of Cast In Peril
Updating to: The end of Cast in Honor

Personality (if applicable):
Kaylin has experienced a lot more, by this point, and once again her prejudices and assumptions have been challenged. She's felt pity for the man who tried to assassinate her and destroyed her home, she's seen the Barrani at their most vulnerable, and at their strongest. She's met a creature of the Shadows that wasn't actual evil, she's found a new home, and learned to share it. And most importantly perhaps, to personality shifts, she's been forced to admit that she has friends and that she cares about them, to examine her own feelings and say the words. She's also learned a lot about she would... and would not... sacrifice to save the world. She is a bit more open now, a bit more willing to accept help, because for the first time she's been in a position of being able to offer it. She understands more now, about the true nature of her familiar, of Names, and of herself. She is still, and probably will always be, an angry young woman; but a few of the rougher edges have been smoothed.

Abilities (if applicable):
Some of the marks are gone, but she has so many and the ones that are gone were in the middle of others that unless someone could compare both past her and present her, it would be hard to tell. Doesn't affect her power overly much other than that she has a finite number and will eventually run out at some point. Theoretically.

big bada change: Her familiar is getting an upgrade, because between the two canon points, finally under standoing on a visceral level the meaning of a name to a familiar, she has finally named hers. She is embarrassed to use his name - Hope - and still calls him small and squwaky, but he has a name. Some of the changes to Hope are because he was able to do more once he had a name, and some is because the author hadn't made it clear by the time I apped her as to what he could and could not do. so it's a mix.

For one thing, he;s only transparent to Kaylin, and his wings are sometimes transparent when he wants them to be. Would have been nice to know that, but it isn't until Cast In Sorrow that Kaylin says something about looking through him because he's translucent, and someone else points out that he really isn't. He is sort of whiteish to everyone else.

As she sees him as translucent, Kaylin can see through him, mostly he will sit on his shoulder and plaster a wing over her face like an awkward mask. when she looks through the wing, she sees the truth behind illusions, magic, and other alterations on sight. For example, everyone else saw three corpses, she saw none until she removed the wing. Where everyone else saw blank walls, she saw the leavings of magic all over them like glowing graffiti. Through the wing she could see the trail of shadow on the ground leading her to Gilbert's lodgings, and looking through the creature's body she once saw that the "magical road" they were walking on was made of human bodies and ancient words. Everyone else saw a road.

Hope can speak, but very rarely can speak to Kaylin when in his small form. Much to her frustration, many people in her life can understand him now, and she is *** tired of the chorus of "Wait, you can't hear him?" that she's been getting lately. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme, reason, or consistency as to who can understand him and when. So for RP sake, sometimes some people will be able to, sometimes not.

Speaking of his small form, Hope DOES have a larger form, but he can't take it on a mortal plane of existence, not without feeding on a whole lot more power than Kaylin can provide without dying. (there is one exception, that will be covered below.) in inbetween places, like the realms of Chaos or the grey roads, or the space between Hallione, or time shifted space, he can become a full sized dragon, large enough for people to ride. Sometimes there is overlap between the in between space and the real space, enough for Kaylin and Hope to effect reality a little, but most of what she would want him to do, he can't (again, see below). So there are lots of scenarios in the book where this is useful, I've yet to see anything in any game (she's been in three) where it would come up. It might in the future, but so far has not.

Side stepping into inbetween space. It takes a lot out of him, and he vanishes visually from the real world, though his presence can still be felt. He can take Kaylin with him. this is exhausting, however, unless something is in that space already, so he does it at need, not just for a lark.

The huge freaking could be game breaking power that he now has that he has offered to Kaylin several times that she has NEVER accepted. He can actually do nearly anything. But everything has a cost that is as powerful as the request. They were fighting an ancient being that could have destroyed the city, possibly the world. Kaylin was stuck with Hope in the between world, watching as her friends fought, as people died. And she begged Hope to kill the ancient, to save them all. Nothing had been effective against the creature. Magic, might, wit, cunning, sheer numbers, all was failing. One of Kaylin's friends was readying herself for an attack that could well be suicidal. Kaylin begged Hope to end the battle, kill the ancient... save the City. And Hope said he could but there was a cost. Kaylin offered her arm, knowing that without it, she probably could never keep being a Hawk, that a chunk of her magic would go with the limb, and Hope told her that because she was willing to give up the limb, it wasn't cost enough. The cost would be the lives of all her friends that were fighting. If she paid that cost, if she said the word, they would all die, but so would the ancient. The City would be safe. If I ever have Hope offer her a deal for a miracle like ability at a cost she is willing to pay, I am playing it wrong (or new information has been offered, but I can't see that price ever being something Kaylin would consider acceptable. If something does change I will do my best to inform mods ASAP)

So basically, Hope got a massive power upgrade that will almost never be obvious. The primary things that will come up would be her seeing through the wing and that other people can sometimes understand him when he squwaks and trills.

She will no longer have the dress, or the basket that she arrived with, nor will she have the magical medallion. She will still have her uniform, her weapons, her hair stick, and the ring.

One thing I would like, if at all possible (and I understand that it might not be allowed.) is if the magical aspect of her home could come with her.

What this would mean IC:
Helen is a life tied to the house she was built into, written into the core of the house with ancient words. To protect herself and the first person she wanted to be a home for, she destroyed a number of the runes at her core. Kaylin was the one who had to replace the runes she lost, had to help her reform herself so that she could BE a home. What would happen IC is that Kaylin would have to find a house, not her apartment, a HOUSE as soon as she gets off the train, to put Helen into it. Kind of like rushing someone who is flatlining to an ICU and life support. Working in a dead panic, Kaylin will put the runes into the walls of the basement, carving some from imperfect mortal memory to bond Helen to the house, which will keep her "alive".

After that Helen will be the spirit of Kaylin's home in RC (abilities listed below) and Kaylin would be moving out of her small apartment into an actual house.

Powers of Helen/The house:
Like the Tardis, Helen can reshape the interior of her dimensions to her will. She will of course hide away the room that has at its core the words that define her. Because Kaylin is going to mess up, she won't be able to control the outside of the house beyond cosmetic changes. (so unlike in Elantra, she can't make the front door vanish) Nor will she be able to see anyone beyond arm's reach of her door, walls, or windows. But within the house she can make a room doorless, she can make a door lead to any other room, she can make a room as large or small as she pleases, she can make a room not look like a room. Moran's room looks like a cave with a terrace over land that doesn't actually exist in the city and is actually just part of the house.

She also can create things inside the house. Mainly - food. Things created in the house can be used in the house, but can't be taken out. So if she makes you a coat, you can wear the coat in the house but wear it out and it vanishes. But if she makes you food, you lose it if you carry it out, but if you eat it you are still full. So Kaylin, who refuses to barter for food given her skills are healing and protection and she wont charge individuals for that, won't be living on charity or starving herself half to death.

The primary reasons I want Helen are because this means Kaylin will actually eat and won't spend half her threads starving and waifish, and because part of what changes for Kaylin with the update is that she has learned to open her home to others. This would give her that opportunity.

Helen would not have any magical defenses outside of shielding individual rooms or groups of rooms, no weapons other than the walls and floors. she will be able to manifest her avatar within the house only, and like all sentient buildings in Kaylin's world, she can read the minds of people within her domain. (This will be discussed OOC before it happens IC, of course, and if sometimes she can't, whoops, Kaylin messed up a Word...)

Why I don't believe Helen could be played as a character on her own:
Even at her full abilities, Helen is tied to the house where her Words are written. Given AC, I don't think she could get enough activity as a character to stand on her own. Someone would have to enter her premises to have a conversation with her, and people rarely just enter houses in RC. Also, she is very narrow focused, as a character. EVERYTHING is "Find someone I want to be a home for, watch over them, protect them, and take care of them."

She also will have fits at Kaylin for using her watch, and as a character, played correctly, would not use one of her own, meaning she'd never be on the network. She and Kaylin have a row over the mirror network (which is a magical version of the watches, set in Elantra) as it is magic she can't trust or shield against being allowed into the safety of the home. At the end of the book I am grabbing Kaylin's update from, the world was almost destroyed via the mirror network, proving Helen right. So while I will agree she is a living sentient being, I believe that she is so restricted that she could not make AC, and could not stand on her own as a character in this setting.

That being said, I fully understand if the ruling is "NO" to Helen.

Thank you for considering my update. :: Bows::
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[personal profile] kaylinneya 2016-07-10 04:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Alright, I can accept that. If I strike Helen from the update, what should I be doing at this point?
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Canon-update two!

[personal profile] watermelogisty 2016-08-14 10:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Steven Quartz Universe
Canon: Steven Universe
Original Application: Here. Also, previous canon-update here.
Current canon point: Episode 78 (season 2), "Log Date 7 15 2"
Updating to: Episode 105 (season 4), "Know Your Fusion"

Personality: With all the big, important and incredibly stressful events that occurred between his last canon-point and the updated canon-point, while Steven remains mostly the same, he's also matured in some aspects. Still joyful, playful, sometimes naive, and empathetic to a point of putting himself at risk; but also riddled with a lot more self-doubt (expressed since the beginning of the series, but seems to have developed to something much bigger as he is constant compared to and mistaken for Rose Quartz, and finds himself in a lot more dangerous and possibly lethal situations) and with a lot more battle experience.
This won't provide much of an outward change in Ruby City, specially since he doesn't have any canon-mates at the moment that actually know things that happened back home, but it will affect him personally and his way of thinking. Most relevant to his stay here will be his way to view and act in battle, how he'll view monsters/enemies, and how he'll resolve these situations.

General combative skills: Having trained with Pearl, and through his experience throughout the series, Steven is now stronger, faster, and seems to be much more organized in terms of battle. His strategy is far from perfect, and he sometimes forgets the extent of his magical powers, but he can definitely hold his own.

Rose's Shield (updated): Steven can now not only summon Rose's shield, or several copies of it in rapid succession, he also seems to be much better at handling it. He can now also use it as a throwing weapon, even with a boomerang effect.

Bubble shield (updated): Steven can now create spikes on the outward layer of the bubble shield, and he can also create smaller versions of the shield (while inside the main one), able to pull those into the main bubble (to pull others who are in danger and weren't close enough to him to be included on the bubble shield he summoned around himself, for example.)

Jumping/Floating/Speed of descent: Steven is now able to jump to incredible heights, as if weightless, and control his speed of descent. This is connected to his emotions, as he needs to think of things that bring him happiness so that this power works, or it will fail. While he tends to forget he has this power, he seems to have gained better control of it in recent episodes.

Healing spit (updated): Steven's healing spit is back, connected to his emotional state as most of his powers. He is now able to not just heal most physical injuries and maladies, he also seems to be able to use his spit to repair objects. He was also able to partially heal a corrupted Gem - a affection that affected only Gemkind after the events of the war, that causes them to turn into monsters with a more animalistic sense of consciousness, with effects that seem to lie on the Gem's mind -, albeit only temporarily. While he wasn't able to fully heal it, he seems to have gone farther than his mother in this situation, meaning that, perhaps, his healing powers are stronger than hers. It's also not touched upon whether he can heal any other psychological maladies.

Gem Fusion: It is now confirmed that Steven can fuse with other gems, and fusion does not demand a dance (he must simply be in sync with his fusion partner).

Enhanced speed: Steven has demonstrated to be a lot faster than one would expect a human to be. It's unconfirmed how fast he actually is, but he is, at least, faster than Amethyst (who is faster than humans).

Enhanced durability: As a half-Gem, Steven is a lot more resistant than a human. As seen in several episodes, he can take a lot of damage (such as being pulled out of the sky and slammed on the ground hard enough to crack a hole into it, and still be able to move; or being hit with a stone statue so hard, he and it create a dent on a wall, and he, with some minimal struggle, is still able to throw it at his opponent).

Telepathic powers - Dream communication (update), Mind transfer, others: While it was already shown that Steven could communicate with Gems by accessing their minds while he's asleep (including accessing a fusion's mind and communicating with its component Gems), it's now been shown that he can access human dreams as well, and is able to affect it at will (including being able to create the most ridiculous and imaginative scenarios and objects, as one might expect to seen in actual dreams). While this happens, he does not get any rest he would have gotten while actually in a normal sleep state, but it doesn't seem to affect the dream host's sleep in a significant manner (though they do remember seeing Steven as an element of their dream). While he was unaware of the situation when this power first affected a human (having thought he was simply having a regular dream of his own), he was able to purposely visit their dreams later on, showing proper control of this power.
Steven is also able to transfer his mind into the body of another human - and other creatures (in the very least, the humanoid Watermelon people created by his Phytokinesis). His own body remains asleep during this process, and it is a one way power (meaning there is no mutual mind transfer. The other subject, apparently, simply remains dormant as Steven controls their body). For this process to end, Steven's original body needs to be woken up. At this point, human mind transfer has only happened by accident, while he was able to purposely transfer his consciousness into a Watermelon person after having done it by accident once.
Besides these - Steven seems to be able to communicate with other Gems in very unique ways - during his and Peridot's attempts to defeat a gigantic cluster of Gem shards - Gems who were shattered during the war, and seemed to have kept partial consciousness in each shard, suffering immensely - he seems to be pulled into some sort of telepathic conversation with them, while apparently having fainted nearby. It's unclear what actually happened in this situation.

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[personal profile] brightseastar 2016-08-26 06:34 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Eärendil Ardamírë
Canon: The Silmarillion
Original Application: Here!
Current canon point: Seven years before he marries Elwing and eight years before the twins Elrond and Elros are born. He lives in Arvernien with Idril and Tuor (since Gondolin has been sacked).
Updating to: Right after he slays the Dragon - Ancalagon.

Personality (if applicable): He will be older and wiser; a leader, a King, a husband to Elwing and a father of twin boys, Elrond and Elros. Much of his core personality remains the same, but he will be harder and stronger. He is an experienced mariner at this point and he is fiercely brave in the face of danger. (Think of his youthful, innocent light shaped into a shield and sword.) All of his protective and loving instincts are still there and as vibrant as ever.

However he will be in deep mourning over having supposedly lost his twin sons to the Fëanorians. Evidence of the life he lived in the city will help him adapt and heal, I think. His is a gentle heart under all of his armor.

Abilities (if applicable): He will be a far more skilled Elf - in fighting (with his sword), sailing and just simply using his senses/abilities that he inherited from Idril, his mother. He will also be, for all intents and purposes, a full Elf. That is the path he has chosen thanks to Manwë's gift (the gift allows those of his line to choose whether they become full mortal Men or full immortal Elves).

I will also need to change his journal. I will be using [personal profile] marinering instead of [personal profile] brightseastar. Thank you!
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Dr 3 spoilers

[personal profile] thisisourfuture 2016-10-12 08:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Hajime Hinata
Canon: Dangan Ronpa
Original Application: Here
Current canon point: Epilogue
Updating to: Dangan Ronpa 3 - Hope Side

Personality (if applicable): Despite how it may seem, Hinata didn’t actually go through a massive shift in personality from the Epilogue to Dr2 to DR 3 Hope side. Even with Kamukura and Hinata merged into one personality, Hinata is the dominate side. He uses his talents with a steady quiet confidence. However, I wish to highlight a few very important bits of dialog from Hope side. Hinata notes that he found what was important. Considering all of DR3 despair side and into Dr2 he struggled with that. It’s a driving force of his motivations from now and into the future. He no longer envies those with talent and seeks merely to understand others and help them as he can. Maybe even be friends.

Another important bit of dialog is how he notes everyone is weak. Weak people can feel more than the supposedly strong who feel nothing. He will see more in other people and be less prone to angry or anything negative. His patience will greatly increased and more often than not, Hinata will be the calm presence in a situation. Yet, this isn’t to say he thinks what happened was right. He acknowledges what he did. What his class did. His objective is to help and to atone for the mistakes of the past. Even if it means being seen as evil.
Abilities (if applicable): Kamukura Izuru: Because of the update Hinata will have access to all his power and talents.

It’s difficult to list them all because it’s reported to be all the data they’ve spent years cultivating. I’ll lock anything game-breaking (ie he will have his normal level of understanding when it comes to game mechanics, lore items, and the like) but I’d like to keep the rest as is. I’m not going to play him as being incapable of being defeated.

While he’s shown to rescue his comatose fellows, and we’ll have more on it in January. His incredible strength, speed, and understanding of the world around him does have a limit. Anyone with supernatural power could take him down. It will be a struggle but he’d ultimately lose in a fight of pure power. It’s important to remember they uploaded Kamukura into Hinata. He observes and goes for reason over combat. But it is safe to say that anything combat related he is very capable of doing. He took on several talented people who had been formed into a squad and took them down easily. His comatose classmates he restored to full health and sound minds. So his skills as a doctor are reasonably assured.

It is known without a doubt he possesses the Super Logic that Enoshima herself uses, that would let him chart and predict events, but I’m nerfing it to merely better at tactical decisions.

Anything else: I'm going on a trip for five days, so he can just disappear for that timeframe.
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i hope this is okay!

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Character Name: Kirei Kotomine
Canon: Fate/stay night
Original Application: here!
Current canon point: Post-Heaven's Feel route
Updating to: Dangan Roleplay CRAU, roughly a year and a half after F/SN.

It's long enough that I had to make it a journal entry, I am so sorry 8D;
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Character Name: Yusuke Urameshi
Canon: Yu Yu Hakusho
Original Application: Here!
Current canon point: end of episode 25
Updating to: end of episode 36

Personality (if applicable): No significant changes here for now! It may be worth noting, however, that right now Yusuke views his current Big Bad adversary with a mixture of contempt and admiration: he sees the Big Bad's strength and how invulnerable it makes him, and a part of him wants that, so I will likely make reference to that in tags! I want to reiterate that his personality isn't significantly different from last time: his admiration of the Big Bad stems from the emotional difficulties that I've discussed in his app, which is one of the reasons why canonically he and this fellow directly parallel one another. I figured I would mention it here though just in case there's any confusion over WHY HE'S THINKIN' ABOUT THE VILLAIN'S COOL MUSCLES instead of totally 100% being repulsed by him like you might expect him to. o7
Abilities (if applicable): By this point in canon, Yusuke has undergone a second round of training with his mentor Genkai in preparation for the Dark Tournament, a martial arts tournament funded and operated by wealthy humans where humans and demons alike can test their might and die hideously in a colorful variety of interesting and exciting ways. As a result, he is stronger and faster than he was previously; he can fire his Spirit Gun more frequently, and in general has achieved better control over his Spirit Energy; and he has begun taking the first supremely half-assed steps towards learning Genkai's Spirit Wave technique. He understands the function of the Spirit Wave and can use it, but he has not mastered it: if he uses it in-game, it will not pack the sort of astronomical punch that it would if it were used by Genkai.
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Character Name: Julian Asher Arken
Canon: Star Citizen [technically]
Original Application: behold
Current canon point: Early February 2946
Updating to: Late March 2947

– In the space of about thirteen months, Julian has learned proper marksmanship and mastered flying single-person starships – specifically the Aegis Vanguard Harbinger and Sabre. Thusly, he is much more confident in those skills, at the same time retaining his proficiency with swords and fighting knives as well as unarmed combat due to a thorough training regimen. He finds that he's become more fond of fighting for the sake of fighting now, as well as realising the benefits of firearms with his marksmanship training.

– Also in those several months, Julian began his Navy pilot career (flying the aforementioned Vanguard Harbinger). The incredibly resilient fighter-bomber cannot be called invulnerable, despite the A-10 Thunderbolt II inspired levels of battle continuation in its design – a fact that he was reminded of when a successful mission by his wing to strike against a Vanduul target included the destruction of his ship and the damage of his escape pod before recovery, leading to the ruining of his face and arms. (The facial reconstruction was a success, thankfully.) He's still enjoying his job, despite that incident and the general dislike of the Imperial Government's actions (most prominently the Vanduul War and their funds management favouring the military over everything else).

– Julian now has two cybernetic arms, both enhanced beyond his previous single artificial limb. They can each move at up to 112 ms-1 (measured at the fingertips) while carrying weights up to a 20-pound / 9.1 kg sledgehammer in Earth-equivalent gravity. Also, they can individually carry up to 350 kg with ease and 550 kg with strain at normal movement speeds, or work together to support up to a metric tonne with strain (i.e. it can only be held for eighty seconds before catastrophic failure).

– ‘The revolver’ of his uncle has been replaced by an integrally suppressed marksman’s rifle, with a maximum effective range of ~1000 metres, selectively thermographic variable 4-16x optical zoom rangefinder and magazine capacity of 12 subsonic rounds. Julian returns to Ruby City with a dozen full magazines, plus one loaded (156 rounds total). [Think of it as an enhanced VSS Vintorez, i.e. selective semiautomatic / full auto, tungsten-cored armour-piercing rounds, startlingly quiet due to the combination of subsonic rounds and integral suppressor.]

– In close-quarters combat situations, he continues to utilise his wakizashi and longsword of before. All throwing knives (around three dozen) he previously made in the City’s forge he had on his person upon leaving would remain at that location (the forge).

[[Jules will just disappear for a tad, now that the fourth wall event is over.]]
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Character Name: Ciel Phantomhive
Canon: Black Butler
Original Application: here
Current canon point: end of chapter 65
Updating to: end of chapter 127

Personality (if applicable): He's surprisingly unchanging
Abilities (if applicable): still nothing new